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 Info about Odin

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Commander(Odin CO,Design Team Lead)

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PostSubject: Info about Odin   Thu Oct 13, 2016 12:21 pm

Colonial Battlestar represented the heart of the Colonial defense against the armies of the Cylon Empire. Visual observations suggests that the Battlestars serve a three prong role in the defense of humanity, operating as aircraft carrier, battleship and a mobile base of operations.
Battlestars were originally stated as being approximately 2,000 feet (610 meter).
Speculation as to the Battlestar's true size has been hotly debated. It has been disproven that the aforementioned figure of 610 meters.
But has been proven that the Battlestar is indeed some 1,265 meters or 4,150 feet in length but since the Odin is an experimental battlestar its overall length is 6,000 feet.

According to records and information ascertained from the "Battlestar Odin" Records, the standard Battlestar type vessel had a crew of 750 personal with 400 warriors divided into four companies (alpha - delta - gamma - beta) with one company on duty aboard a given Battlestar at all times. Standard Battlestars carried 150 Star hounds class Vipers and 24 Landram ground-troop transports and 24 shuttle craft.
Following the destruction of the twelve colonies, the Odin was forced to dramatically increase the number of crew she carried, as well as the number of fighters she could bring onto the battlefield. Odin now carries a crew of roughly 3,000 military personnel,400 of which are Viper fighter pilots. Odin, in addition to her to original Viper squadrons, Raven and Wolf, now has two additional Viper squadrons, Golden Spear and War Hammer of the Battlestar Agamemnon. The additional Viper squadrons joined the Odin following the apparent destruction of the Battlestar Agamemnon, boosting the Odin's fighter strength to a Four Hundred Vipers. Odin is still armed with her standard weapon system, consisting of 50 known Turbo-Lasers and Fusion Missiles.

1. Main Bridge
2. Missile Launchers (4)
3. Ion-Particle engines (4) - Gravimetric drive system
4. Main sensor array.
5. Heavy Laser Cannons (4)
6. Main cargo bays
7. Main Energizer - reactor core
8. Fusion reactors - Plasma storage tanks - Mercury storage tanks
9. Exterior Tylium fuel takes for main energizer, Hydrogen fuel tanks for Ion engines
10. Primary landing bay - Launch Tubes (24 per. Bay) - Shuttle Launch bay
o D1: Pilot ready-room, lounge, recreation deck, alert pilot quarters, primary docker's quarters -
o D2: Viper repair bay, fuel storage, Landram & shuttle storage bays, gunnery stations
It was believed that a Battlestar, as well as some class of Vipers, could reach the speed of light with normal engines. This is, of course, not possible for a vessel in real-space. Thus we believe that a Battlestar could in fact only reach top speed of 0.2 C in real space. When comments were made about a ship reaching light speed, the statement is believed to have been in reference to the vessel's thrust, i.e. the exhaust from the ion engines being expelled at speeds near that of light.[See ENGINE chart for details.]
Turbo-Lasers on the Odin were powerful enough to destroy fighters, asteroids and their combined power was capable of destroying another vessel. Given what was seen in Historical footage, the Turbo-Laser turrets on the Odin probably had a low-end power rating of 60 Gigawatts and a standard power output of roughly 1,000 Gigawatts. With 50 Blaster turrets per Battlestar and Four heavy Laser cannons the Odin would have a total, maximum energy output of about 107,755 Tera joules. [See WEAPONS chart for details.]
Main power aboard Colonial Battlestars was provided by a combination of Tylium energizers and advanced Fusion reactors. Fusion reactors aboard the Columbia class Battlestar had a total potential energy output of 2.7*10^22 joule (27 million Terajoules) and with an average mission duration of 20 years the total average power output of this reactor system would have been 80.8 Terawatts. Tylium energizer provided the Odin with the bulk of her power however, this system having an energy output of 4.6*10^24 joule (4,642 million Terajoules), or a power output of 7,360 Terawatts. [See POWER PLANT chart for details.]
It has been generally held by Scientists and even suggested by those who worked on "Battlestar Odin", that the ship most likely had some type of device that allowed it to travel at the speed of light, possibly through Hyper-Space or Subspace.We searched through all the current data available and believe that the Cylon and Human forces used a type of Hyperspace Jump Corridor to traverse the vast distances between stars, by opening a fissure at a solar scale Lagrange point, where it is possible to open such a portal. [See ENGINES chart for details.]
NOTE: The figures bellow are for standard Battlestars. The figures listed in brackets [ - - - ] are for the Odin following the destruction of the colonies.

SCALE: Capital
LENGTH: 1,265 meters
TONNAGE: 50,000,000 metric tons
SPEED: 0.2C sub-light
POWER: 1 Tylium energizer [7,360 Terawatts]
2 fusion reactors [43.8 Terawatts]
STANDARD CREW: 750 [3,000]
50 officers [75]
400 warriors - 120 are fighter pilots [350 - 400 are fighter pilots]
550 crew [800 crew - 450 civilian]

PASSENGERS: 650 troops [300]
CARGO CAPACITY: 1,000,000 metric tons
CONSUMABLE: 30 months [20 months]
HULL/ARMOR: 4 to 6 meters
EM-SHIELDS: 40% - 80%
SENSORS: Short/Medium range, sub-light, 300,000 m^3/s
SCANNERS: C at 600,000 kilometers
WEAPONS: 50 Blaster batteries
4 Turbo-Laser cannons
24 20 megaton Solonite missiles (anti-capital ship)
4 400 megaton solonite bombs (planetary bombardment)
FIGHTERS: 150 Starhound class Vipers [400]
24 Landram surface transports
24 Mk. VI space shuttles
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Info about Odin
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