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 Costumes Accepted in Odin

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Cmdr Ares
Commander(Odin CO,Design Team Lead)
Commander(Odin CO,Design Team Lead)

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PostSubject: Costumes Accepted in Odin   Sat Oct 15, 2016 10:52 am

Greetings to all just a post to let everyone know what all costumes are allowed in this club,of course all colonial military( Blue bridge officer uniforms,Brown and tan warrior uniforms,med tech uniforms,Black council security uniforms,launch bay and landing bay personnel & tan bridge uniforms if there are any I missed please let me know. We also accept all colonial civilian costumes as well plus in addition we also accept all classic cylon costumes(silver & gold centurions,imperious leader & IL series(Lucifer etc...).
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Costumes Accepted in Odin
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