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 Pyramid Rules

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Commander(Odin CO,Design Team Lead)

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PostSubject: Pyramid Rules   Sun Oct 23, 2016 10:40 am


2-4 Players
The deck consists of 55 hexagonal cards, which is divided into 3 suits: purple, green and orange. Purple ranks highest and orange ranks lowers. The deck also contains a Capstone (*).

Each suit contains:
- 3 First level cards
- 6 Second level cards
- 9 Third level cards

The card:
Cards have a level Index on each corner.

How To Play
Each player is dealt 6 cards. If a player feels a better hand is possible, he may discard up to 4 cards and receive replacements from the dealer. This may only be done once per hand, much the same as "Draw Poker". Players then construct their best possible pyramid and compare to the other player hands to determine the winner.

Ranks of Hands:
A pyramid is made up of at least three cards.

1. First level pyramid consist of 2 third level, and 1 second level card.

2. Second level pyramid consist of 3 third level, and 2 second level card.

3. Third level pyramid consist of 3 third level, 2 second level cards, and 1 first level card.

4. Any of the above may be considered "perfect" when all of the cards used are of the same color. ("Perfect" pyramids rank higher than non-perfect pyramids.)

5. If two or more perfect pyramids are the same level, then the highest suit would win. (NOTE: Only perfect pyramids can be ranked by suit; non-perfect pyramids are considered to have no suit.)

*) The Capstone can be used in place of the first level card in a Perfect third level pyramid. This is the highest of ALL PYRAMIDS!

**) The Capstone may also be used as a wild card to replace any card in any pyramid.
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Pyramid Rules
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